Meet the “Staff”

Kym and Vickie have known each other since elementary school (that’s a loooonnnngggg time!)

Their first podcast together was “Yeah, That Can’t Be Good” a Eureka re-watch podcast where Vickie hosted with 4 regular but revolving co-hosts.

This was Vickie’s second podcast adventure; The first was co-hosting on Moms Going Boldly.

Yeah, That Can’t Be Good was Kym’s first venture into the world of podcasts. She enjoyed it so much that she agreed immediately to co-host The 13th Warehouse.



Host – The 13th Warehouse

Regular (Revolving) Co-Host – Yeah, That Can’t Be Good

Contact info:

Twitter @mommadukes08


Host – Editor- Producer – Social Media

Contact info:

On Twitter – @Vic_kies

On Tumblr – Take Another Step

Blog: Taking it a Step at a Time

Blog: Take Another Step – Life with DC

On Pinterest: Vic Kie

Host – Editor -Producer- Social Media – Yeah, That Can’t Be Good

Co-Host: #MomsGoingBoldly (Recording and Editing Discovery Season 3 and on)



Regular “What’s Next” announcer.

DC announces the episode coming up next at the end of our podcast.

Contact info: If you would like to learn more about DC and ‘his’ autism (because everyone is different), you can visit Take Another Step on Facebook at:   and on Twitter @TasAnotherstep


Episode Synopsis

Contact info: Doug is not on social media.

Fill In Co-Host here (Friday The 13th: The Series Edition) and also on Yeah That Can’t Be Good – A Eureka Podcast

Dud Gramley:

Dud, having never seen Warehouse 13 and not having the time to watch another series, opted out for The 13th Warehouse.

The 13th Warehouse staff wanting to have the entire Eureka staff included in some way, got Dud to agree to record the episode footer and then later also agreed to record the episode “Quick-Caps”.

Footer Announcements – The 13th Warehouse

Quick-Cap reader – The 13th Warehouse beginning Season 3, Episode 7

Regular (Revolving) Co-Host – Yeah, That Can’t Be Good

Contact info: Dud, our very own ‘Ron Swanson’ is “OFF THE GRID”.


Crossover Episodes – The 13th Warehouse

Regular (Revolving) Co-Host on Yeah, That Can’t Be Good.

Let Me Tell You About My Brother

Eureka Episode 84.0 For Skip