The 13th Warehouse series FINALE (Endless) was published on podbean accidentally - If you are on automatic download, you might still be able to listen to it even though it has been corrected and rescheduled in the proper timeline (January 26, 2022). Please delete the download if you are listening in order and do not … Continue reading SERIES FINALE PUBLISHED ACCIDENTALLY!!!!

Episode 57.0 All the Time in the World

S4E19 All the Time in the World. ((Listen at the links at the end of the page)) Paracelsus is on the loose - Claudia is crumbling and Mrs. Fredrick is suffering from some sort of warehouse related dementia. This week’s artifacts: Mesopotamian Bronze Stele Philosopher's Stone Show Notes: Spike and Giles (James Marsters and Anthony … Continue reading Episode 57.0 All the Time in the World