Episode 12.0 MacPherson

S1E12 MacPherson

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Join Kym and Vickie as they discuss Season 1, Episode 12 – MacPherson

Mrs. Frederics explains the reason for MacPherson’s break with the Warehouse program. Despite some extreme precautions he managed to get his hands on some artifacts that he plans to auction

If you are a first time watcher, we suggest that you watch the episode BEFORE listening to this pod cast.

This week’s artifact:

The Phoenix:

The Phoenix is a medallion that protects the wearer from direct fire. It does, however, cause others nearby to die; for every life the Phoenix saves, others will be lost. Those who have ever touched the Phoenix, however, will be spared.

Warehouse Wiki

Items Discussed:

The Manchurian Candidate:

0:02 / 10:21

The Remaker: The Manchurian Candidate 1962 vs. 2004:

Roger Rees as Lord John Marbury:

Robin Colcord – Cheers:

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