Episode 7.0 Implosion

S1E7 Implosion

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Join Kym and Vickie as they discuss Season 1, Episode 7 – Implosion

”The theft of the perfect Samurai sword attracts Atrie’s attention because he suspects his former partner and current nemesis; McPherson.

If you are a first time watcher, we suggest that you watch the episode BEFORE listening to this pod cast.

This week’s artifact:

The Honjo Masamune:

The Honjo Masamune is a ritually forged, ancient Japanese katana with a blade so perfectly balanced and aligned that it splits light, rendering its wielder invisible. Also, it is quite literally the sharpest sword ever made.

Warehouse Wiki

Guest Cast and Items Discussed:

Roger Rees as James MacPherson:

Living in the United States since 1989, Roger made a name for himself in America when he joined the cast of the TV hit comedy Cheers (1982) as the priggish Britisher Robin Colcord and later the glib British ambassador Lord John Marbury on the series The West Wing (1999). More recently, he appeared as a frequent guest in several British and American television series and in a number of independent films.


Denis Akiyama as Officer Ogawa:

Denis Akiyama was born on May 28, 1952 in Toronto, Canada as Denis Van Akiyama. He was an actor, known for Pixels (2015), Johnny Mnemonic (1995) and Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010).


Lynne Cormack as Carol:

Lynne Cormack was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She is an actress, known for Dead Ringers (1988), Warehouse 13 (2009) and The Campbells (1986)


Red Shirts:

A “redshirt” is a stock character in fiction who dies soon after being introduced. The term originates from the original Star Trek (NBC, 1966–69) television series in which the red-shirted security personnel frequently die during episodes.


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