Ep 67.0 (F13) Cupid’s Quiver/A Cup of Time

Welcome to The 13th Warehouse’s Friday the 13th: The Series edition!

FR13-S1E3-4 Cupid’s Quiver and A Cup of Time

Join Kym and Vickie for Season 1 Episodes 3 and 4 – Micki and Ryan are on the hunt for a cupid statue that causes love, then death and a tea cup that steals youth and life.

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Friday The 13th: The Series Episode Playlist

Or, Friday the 13th: The Series – Season One

Show Notes:

The 13th Warehouse – Age Before Beauty

Warehouse 13 – Age Before Beauty – IMDB

The 13th Warehouse – Merge With Caution

Warehouse 13 – Merge With Caution – IMDB

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The 13th Warehouse – Friday the 13th: The Series Edition, Theme Music: Suspense Night

By: Anton Kornienko

Pixabay: User Defekt_Maschine

License: Free for personal or commercial use


Friday the 13th: The Series – DVD links (links were operable at the time of publishing)

DVD – Link

DVD – Link

DVD – Link

Curious Goods – Behind the Scenes – Book

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