Episode 64.0 Endless

E5E6 Endless The agents record their definitive warehouse moments as the warehouse prepares to move. This week’s artifacts: Round Table Show Notes: Fantastic Voyage - the movie that Kym was talking about. https://youtu.be/dO5E4wkg0hA https://youtu.be/aHBsJCopBzU https://youtu.be/qD6Y7d4hIW4?t=15 Listen Here: Other Listening Options: Listen on Podbean Download from Podbean Here Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Google Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple … Continue reading Episode 64.0 Endless

Episode 63.0 Cangku Shisi

S5E5 Cangku Shisi (Listen at the links at the bottom of the page) – Valda is back and is determined to steal the warehouse ... with Claire's help. This week’s artifacts: Chester Moore Hall's Achromatic Lens Chuck Yeager's Favorite LP Hiram Abiff's Tools William Edward Parry's Inukshuk Show Notes: https://youtu.be/_uDiGAr_WKs The Rotor Ride: An unsafe … Continue reading Episode 63.0 Cangku Shisi

Episode 62.0 Savage Seduction

S5E3 Savage Seduction (Listen at links at the bottom of this page) Kelly's grandmother is sucked into a telenovela. Pete, Myka, Kelly and Artie soon follow. Claudia meets the "fun" Steve while hunting a duplication artifact. This week’s artifacts: Doña Fausta's Brooch Edna St. Vincent Millay's Candle Harvey Corman's Cufflinks Show Notes: https://youtu.be/y59z1iDvTCg Listen Here: … Continue reading Episode 62.0 Savage Seduction