Episode 43.0 No Pain No Gain

S4E5 No Pain No Gain

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Join Kym and Vickie for Season 4, Episode 5 – No Pain No Gain

Claudia joins Mrs. Fredrick for lunch. Pete and Myka search for an artifact at a Hockey Rink in Toronto, while Steve and Artie hunt missing artifacts.

This week’s artifact:

Bataan Death March Dogtags

Show Notes:

Midsomer Murders

Product Placement


Warehouse 13 – Product Placement:

During the second season, they show Twizzlers-brand licorice in several episodes. One episode has Myka saying she was “a Twizzlers girl”, and another episode has a prolonged shot of her taking a Twizzler out of a package.

Claudia comments on the Toyota Prius in Season 3 Episode 1. It’s even taken to the point of parody. Jinks becomes increasingly annoyed during the scene as Claudia ignores his questions in order to list off the features of the car.

In Season 3 Episode 3, a plot point involves computer chain store Tiger Direct.

Live-Action TV

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The 13th Warehouse Theme Music: Reflections in the Mirror

By: Esther Garcia

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