Ep 64.5 (F13) Friday the 13th: The Series – Intro

Welcome to The 13th Warehouse’s Friday the 13th: The Series edition!

Join Kym and Vickie for an overview of Friday the 13th: The Series.

Two young antique store owners inherit an antique store from their uncle. They discover that the antiques were cursed by a deal their uncle made with the devil. Along with their uncle’s partner, they must recover all of the cursed antiques that had been sold.

Please Note:

Because we are looking at this series as bonus episodes of the 13th Warehouse podcast, they will not be published on any kind of schedule and certainly will not come out weekly.
In-between all of that, we will still try to come back randomly with Warehouse 13 content.

Found on You Tube after recording this episode:

Friday The 13th: The Series Episode Playlist

Or, Friday the 13th: The Series – Season One

Friday the 13th: The Series – DVD links (links were operable at the time of publishing)

DVD – Link

DVD – Link

DVD – Link

Curious Goods – Behind the Scenes – Book

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The 13th Warehouse Theme Music: Suspense Night

By: Anton Kornienko

Pixabay: User Defekt_Maschine

License: Free for personal or commercial use

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