Episode 33.5 The Great Debate; Is Sally an FBI Agent?

S3E8.5 (Bonus) The Great Debate- Is Sally Stukowski an FBI Agent?

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Join Kym and Vickie as they discuss Season 3 , Episode 8.5 (Bonus Episode) The Great Debate- Is Sally Stukowski an FBI Agent?

After debating this this topic since the first episode of season 3, we finally put it out to the writers, creators and the actress who played Sally.

Ashley Williams was nice enough to respond:

Many thanks for responding!!!!

But this lead to a lot of questions for me and I wanted to understand how this could be or what I was missing.

So I put it out to other watchers and this episode is the result of all of our investigative work.

Sally StukowskiShe is then killed by Marcus Diamond, who uses a lethal injection that will make Sally’s death look like an undetected heart defect. The newspaper article read: “FBI Agent Found Dead In Apartment”.

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