Episode 31.0 Don’t Hate the Player

S3E6 Don’t Hate the Player

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Join Skip and Vickie as they discuss Season 3, Episode 6 – Don’t Hate the Player

Claudia, Pete and Myka respond to a call for help. Douglas Fargo and associate are trapped inside of a virtual computer game of Fargo’s invention.

This week’s artifacts:

Beatrix Potter’s Tea Set

Vincent Van Gogh’s Stormy Night

Listen to the Original Unedited for Spoilers, Eureka Bonus Episode version:

Episode 55.5 – WH13 S3-E6 – Don’t Hate The Player

((((Spoilers!!!))))) This episode contains spoilers from future episodes of Warehouse 13!!!!

Join Skip and Vickie as they head over to Warehouse 13 for the crossover episode, Don’t Hate The Player

“Pete, Claudia and Myka answer an emergency call when Fargo from Eureka gets trapped in a virtual reality fantasy game of his own making.”

Yeah, That Can’t Be Good – Eureka Podcast

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