Episode 1.0 – Warehouse (Pilot)

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S1E1 – Warehouse (Pilot)

Join Vickie and Kym as they discuss Season One, Episode One: Warehouse the Pilot.

After preparing a museum in D.C. for presidential visit, 2 Secret Service agents are transferred to an isolated warehouse 13 in South Dakota, where Artie sends them to Iowa to collect a supernatural artifact from a law school student.

This week’s artifacts:

Harry Houdini’s Wallet:

The wallet causes “ghosts” to haunt a person. Before Houdini died, he made a pact with his wife, Bess, that if he could, he would return and give her a message from the other side (a coded message only the two knew). For 10 years after he died Bess held seances, waiting for him to return. Once the 10 years passed, she gave it up after no contact from him.

Warehouse 13 wiki – Artifact Archive

Lucrezia Borgia’s Comb:

Lucrezia Borgia’s Comb was created by an unidentified Renaissance alchemist. It transmits the mindset of Lucrezia Borgia via the crystals and ionized metal of the comb and grants the user mind controlling abilities, though at the price of great personal jealousy and anger.

Warehouse 13 wiki – Artifact Archive

Items discussed in this episode:

Town Name: Univille, South Dakota:

Univille, South Dakota (pronounced [uhn-uh-vil]), is the small town seven miles away from Warehouse 13. The name Univille comes from “unnamed unincorporated settlement,” as seen on the town sign in the Pilot episode.

Jeremiah (Joanne Kelly at 00.51)

Nicola Tesla:

In 1882, Tivadar Puskás got Tesla another job in Paris with the Continental Edison Company. Tesla began working in what was then a brand new industry, installing indoor incandescent lighting citywide in the form of an electric power utility. The company had several subdivisions and Tesla worked at the Société Electrique Edison, the division in the Ivry-sur-Seine suburb of Paris in charge of installing the lighting system. There he gained a great deal of practical experience in electrical engineering. Management took notice of his advanced knowledge in engineering and physics and soon had him designing and building improved versions of generating dynamos and motors. They also sent him on to troubleshoot engineering problems at other Edison utilities being built around France and in Germany.


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