Episode 32.0 Past Imperfect

S3E7 Past Imperfect

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Join Kym and Vickie as they discuss Season 3, Episode 8 – Past Imperfect

While in Denver retrieving an unrelated artifact, Myka spots the man who killed her partner, Sam. Meanwhile Claudia and Steve “join” the Artifact Road Show to hunt for a doorknob.

Show Notes:

This week’s artifacts:

Barometer from the USS Eldridge (DE-173)

Doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory


Angel Actor Guest Cast Count to Date:

J. August Richards as Zach Adanto – Charles Gunn – Angel – Main Cast Member 2000-2004


At the time this episode was recorded (March), we were only a few weeks out from the Joss Whedon allegations. It will probably be old news by the time this is published. We can still enjoy Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse etc. even if we don’t support JW. We can enjoy and continue to enjoy his creations for the work done by the actors and the crew, especially now, knowing that some were working in abusive situations. The actors should not suffer for the actions of one (one horrible man). – Vickie

What It’s Like to Be a ‘Buffy’ Fan In the Wake of These Joss Whedon Revelations

J. August Richards Expresses Support for Charisma Carpenter’s Whedon Revelations

David Boreanaz Breaks Silence, Offers Charisma Carpenter His ‘Support’ in Wake of Joss Whedon Allegations

Buffy’s Spike Actor Says Set Had Challenges, Supports Joss Whedon Accusers

Michelle Trachtenberg Says Joss Whedon Was Not Allowed to Be Alone With Her on ‘Buffy’

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